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Updated August 15, 2021

Hi! Welcome to this Poet’s Website! And congratulations for doing something today for Planet Earth! I’m happy to share information and links to my on-going projects concerning the environment, our culture, society, and the natural world along the Lewis and Clark Expedition route. My best wishes and hopes for you during this pivotal year for responding to our environmental crisis. Please share this info with others whenever you can. Collaborate, and Thank You! for your interest and for your environmental efforts. Restore!!! Restore!!!

Read OYO, The Beautiful River (Shanti Arts, 2020)–it will strengthen awareness and clarify your response.


MOST RECENT REVIEW of the new Eco-Poetry Book, OYO, The Beautiful River:

Goss, Erica. “Review #57: OYO, The Beautiful River by Mark B. Hamilton (Shanti Arts, 2020).” Erica Goss’s Monthly Newsletter dedicated to poetry, reading, and literature, August 2, 2021.


“The Art of Eco-Poetry: Strengthening the Dynamic in Response to Environmental Crisis,” a Presentation with Readings from OYO, The Beautiful River. ASLE Annual Conference: EMERGENCE/Y, EMERGENT ENVIRONMENTS: River Emergencies, July 26-August 6, 2021. [After August 6, 2021, this video presentation will be posted on my YouTube Channel. Use keywords below:]    and by keywords: “YouTube, Earth Songs, Mark B. Hamilton, Lewis and Clark, Environment”

“The Work Songs of the Voyageurs.” History Magazine. with illustrations by Susan Brownfield and a new transcription by Marysy Harvey from Reuben Vallee’s original Folk Life recordings in the Quebecian patois. Edward Zapletal, publisher. Summer 2021: 54-59. NOTE: This, and the additional research, has become part of the Folk Life Archives, Library of Congress, in support of Mary Starr’s original folk life recording of Reuben Vallee singing eight songs in the early 19th Century Canadian-French dialect.

“Captain Clark Is Very Sick.” Copperfield Review Quarterly, Summer 2021:


“Alleyways of Return” and “River Dubois.” Poems. Albatross. Summer/Fall 2021.

“The Missouri River Breaks.” A long poem, Amethyst, on-line, November 20, 2021.


OYO, The Beautiful River: an environmental narrative (Shanti Arts Publishing, 2020) ,

Available on-line, and from the publisher, and at Barnes & Noble. Nominated for the William Carlos Williams Award, the Society of Midlands Author Awards, American Book Awards, and the Levis Reading Prize.

POSTED 5-STAR REVIEWS OF OYO, The Beautiful River:

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About our Environment along the Lewis and Clark Expedition route traveling in a Kayak, and Packing with Joe-the- Mule over the Rocky Mountains. This YouTube site can be accessed at the link:

I will continue to post video clips of my trek along the Lewis and Clark Return Route. Please subscribe and enjoy these informative free educational, recreational, and informative outdoor environmental videos.


Mark B. Hamilton is perhaps the only living person to have traced the entire Lewis and Clark route, on their approximate time-table, traveling as they did by paddle and pack mule –a 3-year, 8,000-mile journey. His poetry focuses upon the environment primarily environmental along the Lewis and Clark Expedition route, including the Eastern Journals on the Ohio River, 1803-1806.  He earned the MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry with extensive work in American Studies and Education, University of Montana, and the BA and MA in English & Comparative Literature, with French Translation, San Diego State University.

Mr. Hamilton has taught writing and literature at universities in the Midwest for twenty years.

His new eco-poetry volume, OYO, The Beautiful River: an environmental narrative (Shanti Arts, 2020), is written from the first leg of his Lewis and Clark journey, down the Ohio River, and expresses the vulnerabilities of identity in our oftentimes polluted and degraded natural world. Throughout this unified sequence of lyric narratives, a theme of reciprocity develops between self and river, between the human and the elemental, exploring our relationships with the river, the Earth, and our history in honor of the First Nations.

Selected comments:

“You have written beautifully … about a wonderful adventure.” –David Remnick, Editor, The New Yorker

“…a keen eye and a wise voice….a major text to American environmental literature and poetry.”  –Dr. Darlene Mathis-Eddy Professor Emeritus, Folklore and Literature

“…remarkably told in trenchant verse…a wail and a love-song….Of all the Lewisiana & Clarkian that flowed from their bicentennial…, this epic poem is the single most compelling….” –Robert Michael Pyle, author Sky Time in Gray’s River: Living for Keeps in a Forgotten Place

“Great poems.” –Fredrick Zydek, Publisher, Lone Willow Press

“…a stunning presence … connecting the reader to something undeniably spiritual.” –Marilyn L. Taylor, previous poet laureate of The State of Wisconsin and the City of Milwaukee                                                                      

“Mark B. Hamilton’s astonishing new full-length collection, OYO The Beautiful River, is a meditation on nature, the environment and humanity…. It is Hamilton’s deft skill that anchors the reader to each line throughout penetrating and wondrous landscapes.”–Leah Huete de Maines, Artist-in-Residence Emerita of Northern Kentucky University

Selected Honors:

Letter of Commendation from the Office of the Vice President, Mr. Al Gore; a Matthew Hansen Endowment for Wilderness Studies; an honorary residency at the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology; a literary residency at UCROSS; an honorary position as Visiting Research Faculty, Department of History, Portland State University; along with two Indiana State National Endowment for the Arts for Visiting Artists, several community and environment developmental grants, professional teaching awards, and other State and National poetry awards. Please see the Curriculum/Publishing page of this website for the complete listings.


100 Miles of Heat, a chapbook, Finishing Line Press, 2017.

100 Miles of Heat by Mark B. Hamilton

CONFRONTING THE BASILISK, poetry volume, Ball State University Publications, 1993, 2003.

EARTH SONGS, Chapbook Award, Panhandler Press, University of West Florida, 1993, 2003.

Poems have appeared abroad in:  Oxford Poetry, Stand Magazine, Chrysanthemum, and Psychpoetica, UK. Salzburg Review, Austria. Frogpond: an international journal of haikuAbiko Annual, Japanand Poetry Greece, Greece. Individual poems have been translated into German, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Mark is available for public readings and as a Visiting Professor in Creative Writing/Poetry.